Give your loved one a memory that will last forever - a personalized letter addressed from a departed loved one or family pet. We also offer custom gifts.


When One More Letter Would Mean Everything

There is nothing so sharp as the loss of a family member, a close friend, or a beloved pet. In the midst of grief, it’s not uncommon to hear someone wish they could just talk with the one they lost “just once more.” Loved ones yearn for a sense of closure, a word of reassurance, or a personal memento that will help them through a trying time.

Heavenly Express is here to help. We offer a service like none other – a personalized letter addressed from a departed loved one or family pet. You can literally send a letter from heaven.

With a number of stationary and messaging options, we let you offer a unique kind of comfort to the heartbroken. Imagine how happy a young boy would be to read a letter from his grandfather, telling him that he’s made it to heaven, and is so proud of what he sees when he looks down. Or think of what it would be like for him to receive a note – with the return address marked Heavenly Express – reassuring him that his beloved dog made it to heaven and is playing happily every day.

We can’t heal every wound or end sadness, but we can help you to offer a message of hope and love when it matters most. Try us today and find out why one last letter really can mean everything to those suffering from grief.

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Pet Letter

letter package

The letter from a pet is something that your loved one can cherish or add to their collection of mementos.  Add the Paw Print Keepsake to make your letter more special.

  • - Pet Stationary
  • - Optional Pet Paw Print Keepsake
  • - Choose any type of pet
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letter package

Order any keepsakes with your letter with the add-on option.  Choose from a variety of keepsakes.  Or upload a picture of your favorite person to be included on the letter.

  • - Paw Print on Cloud
  • - Dove on Cloud
  • - Dove Wax Seal
  • - Fun Balloon
  • - Image Upload
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